American Economic Statistics
American Economic Statistics Office

Accumulating and documenting United States statistical reports accurately allows those in need of important information pertaining to all areas including population, employment, housing, education, local governments, medical and financial services with reliable access to data.

We only practice statistical methods, definitions, and classifications provided by reliable and trustworthy outlets. Whether you want to know where the best schools are, the cities with low employment rates, or what are America's crime rates compared to other countries, American Economic Statistics Office helps you gain access to America's economic statistics.

Every ten years the United States of America sends out a census survey to each American to collect the population's housing, employment, family size, and other general information to accurately document where federal funds should be distributed, populations are growing or reducing, or even the educational level of most Americans. This information is extremely valuable for creating reports detailing the cost of living in America and dependably notifying lawmakers and other influential leaders. Now you can monitor America's economical statistics by reviewing American Economic Statistics Office's resources.


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AESO Mission

The American Economic Statistics Office is dedicated to the advancement of the U.S. statistical system.